Loudoun Castle

Preceptory & Priory
No.177 ~ Consecrated A.D. 2000

The Barr Castle,

Barr Street, 

Galston, Ayrshire.


              Preceptor : Ven.Fr. John Smith PP      

                      Secretary: Ven.Fr. Stephen Drury PP HGH

  Treasurer: Fr. Kenneth Darrant 

Next Muster : 26th September 2015,2:00pm

 Grade : AGM (Business only)

Musters are held on the 4th Saturday in

September, October (I), February & March commencing 2 pm.


The area in and around Loudoun Castle has many ancient associations with people and events in Scottish History. The remains of Loudoun Castle stand to the north of Galston, and the castle was subject to a fire in 1941 which brought about its present ruinous condition. The predecessor to Loudoun Castle was the Castle of Arclowdun which was situated about 1 mile to the East of the present ruins, the motte of which can be found on a right of way close by Woodhead Farm, Newmilns.


The Barr Castle

The building in which we now hold our Musters has a long and interesting history, and was originally owned by the Lockharts of Barr. The castle may well be the oldest masonically owned building in Scotland in which masonic business is regularly carried out,thus making this a most appropriate setting for our Musters. At various times it has been utilised as a church (John Knox and George Wishart have preached here), fever hospital, storehouse, band hall, gaol, Masonic Lodge, Museum to name but a few uses. We believe that the very old architectural features of the building will add to the sense of occasion and atmosphere at our musters. Visits to the Castle outwith our Musters can be arranged through contact with Lodge St.Peter, weddings can also now be performed within the Castle by arrangement with the Lodge.

The survival of this building is due in the main to the efforts of Lodge St.Peter No.331, Galston. In recent times very important assistance in the upkeep of the fabric of the building has been given by Historic Scotland and also by funding from the proceeds of the Lottery Fund.



Our Refectory is held in the Barr Castle Social Club, Henrietta Street, which is a short distance from the Castle.


Visitors should note that access to the Temple and upper floors of the castle is by means of a narrow winding staircase, which for those of an infirm disposition may prove difficult. An alternative means of access is available for the Temple if required. Upon departing from the Temple, extreme care should be taken when descending the staircase.


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